Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Better get in before it is year between blogs :-(

Life has been hectic on a number of fronts - a lot has transpired
since August including some extended leave, that was occupied with an
amazing trip to Hawaii, Canada, Seattle, Las Vegas, Utah, New Orleans
and San Diego late last year.

A good experience today with my iPhone (and I've got to say there are
plenty of less than good experience with this particular gadget - er I
mean tool').

Anyway I had just downloaded the free Griffin iTalk app a few days ago
- quite fortuitously as it happens. The radio mic was missing from
the lecture theatre today as I set out to give a Trademarks lecture in
my Marketing Law undergrad unit - so thought - I'll try the iPhone/
iTalk solution - it all worked well I'm pleased to report - I've
transferred it to my Mac and downsized for loading onto the university
server. Four and a half stars - syncing through iTunes without the
need for additional syncing software would get it the other half a star.

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