Thursday, June 11, 2009

Google and the end of free online news

There have been a number of actions arising from Google's (and
other's) aggregation or other use of news providers contents, notably
the actions bought by Agence France Presse against Google, resulting
in a settlement and a licensing agreement between the parties in 2007.

Does the 'atomisation' of news mean the beginning of the end for
online news as we know it?

Rupert Murdoch reportedly is quite enamored with the idea of not
giving away free news online anymore.

I read all my news online, and have noticed of late that the
advertising that supports this news delivery is becoming increasingly
invasive - don't know if this is down to a softening up of consumers,
in attempt to develop in us a wilingness to pay to have these
intrusions removed, or is just arising from attempts to develop
products that advertisers can be charged more for.

According to some research, users are becoming more accepting of over
content ads.

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