Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creating an RSS feed for posts with a particular tag

Does that heading make sense?

Here's the example, my blog contains posts on a number of topics, primarily links to current events relevant to my teaching areas, these posts are made with students in mind.

I also post tips,links and opinions relevant to and intended for other academics - typically around the use of technology in teaching.

Being able to offer separate RSS feeds, based on the tags I apply to posts would be useful, so any subscribers to RSS feeds from the blog would not receive feeds for subjects not of interest.

After a bit searching and reviewing web resources, the link below was the most straightforward and very simple. This information relates to Blogger, the specifics of how to do this with other blog providers will no doubt be lurking elsewhere online.

So if anyone wants a feed only from my blog only containing 'Teaching & Learning' posts, here it is:


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Juliet Buchanan said...

Fantastic idea, I have a similar issue with my students using the blog for their subject and FLE students accessing the same blog.