Saturday, June 12, 2010


As result of having a broken finger, and the resultant impact on my typing ability and speed, I have decided to try dictation software and have been generally very happy with the results., I'm using the Dragon dictate 10 naturally speaking software for windows running under VM fusion on a Macintosh with surprisingly good results, There should be plenty of very practical applications for this tool in teaching and research so I look forward to the improved quality as the system gets to know my voice even more intimately., so any typographical errors that appear in my blog posts can be put down to the speech recognition software not quite getting it right


Mark Aufflick said...

I remember us selling Dragon Dictate back in the mid-90s. Nice to hear that 15 years later it actually works!

Mark Bender said...

It was pretty tragic back then - I recall trying IBM Via Voice - days and days of training - zero joy! It really is impressive now - after only about 10 minutes training!